10 Things not to do in Bangkok

10 Things not to do in Bangkok

There are many things to not do in Bangkok so that the people here don't feel offended or get a bad impression on you. Here are some useful guides that might help you.

  1. Don't touch other people's head especially the elder people's head.
  2. Don't throw money or coins around because the king's face is on it.
  3. Don't use your feet for anything else except for walking.
  4. Do not touch the monks. It's very disrespectful to touch the monks.
  5. When you enter a house or temples it's a must to remove your shoes. If there's a sign saying you have to remove your shoes you must do as it says.
  6. Don't over say your visa period or else you can get in trouble.
  7. Don't joke around or make fun of the royal family.
  8. Do not get involved in illegal drugs.
  9. If there's a sign showing rules be sure to follow it.
  10. Don't ignore an elderly or monks on buses or BTS alway's give them the seat.

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