10 Things not to say in Bangkok

10 Things not to say in Bangkok

Are you visiting Bangkok and you're not sure if what you say might offend people here? Then don't worry here's a guide for you so that you know what you shouldn't say.

  1. Be respectful before asking any Thai person be sure they understand what you are saying or else there could be a big misunderstanding.
  2. Don't ask a girl about her gender since Thailand is well known to have a lot of trangender people be sure to not just assume everyone is trans because some might find that offensive.
  3. Never say anything disrespectful in the name of the Royal family.
  4. Never say anything disrespectful or play around with anything about the Buddhist religion.
  5. Don't talk to an elderly like your friend be sure to talk more politely and respectful.
  6. If you know a monk in Thailand always be sure to never address him with his name because it's against the religious rule.
  7. Don't bargain too low while shopping.
  8. Don't talk loudly in public places it will disturb other people.
  9. Never talk about the government in public.
  10. Never talk about anything drug or weapon related even if it's legal in your country.

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