Bathroom cleaning tips to ease your daily lives in Bangkok

Bathroom cleaning tips to ease your daily lives in Bangkok

The bathrooms are one of the the most crucial areas that need to be cleaned and maintained to ensure their hygiene. Bathrooms are also known to get dirty very easily, upon repeated usage. Most of the germs at homes live and thrive in the shower and toilet areas.

It is indeed important to clean your bathrooms just like you would clean the other rooms of your home. They need equal care and maintenance to keep them germ-free, fresh, and sanitary. Cleaning your bathrooms on a regular basis will also ease your lives by forming a hygiene-friendly habit.

Below are a few tips and tricks to help you clean your bathrooms properly and keep them dirt-free. However, if you still require any further assistance or wish to have a professional help you clean your bathrooms, send us a request here

  1. Give the sinks a quick clean every night - The sinks in the bathrooms tend to get extremely dirty overtime with buildups of soap, toothpaste, hair, etc. It is necessary to keep the sinks clean in order to maintain the freshness and hygiene of your lovely bathrooms. To make your work easier, it is recommended to give your sinks a quick rinse every night, followed by a gentle and quick wipe. This way, you’ll ensure lesser buildup of dirt and debris making your sinks look as good as new.

  2. Throw the trash often - It is necessary to clear out the bins in the bathrooms every often. The bathroom bins contain trash that should be disposed frequently to avoid unhygienic instances or any cases of odd smells. Set a reminder to help you clear out the trash on a weekly basis to ensure proper maintenance and cleanliness of your bathrooms.

  3. Wash the bathroom mats often - Just as important it is to clear out the bathroom trash, it is also equally important to clean the bathroom rugs every often to ensure a healthy living. The bathroom rugs are one of the dirtiest things in your restrooms and give home to a number of germs and bacteria. It is necessary to have them washed and dried frequently, to ensure better hygiene and freshness in your bathrooms.

  4. Make use of the drawers and cabinets - If you’re blessed with a bathroom that has drawers and mini cabinets, make good use of them. Use these drawers to help store your items daily use followed by storing future use products in the cabinets provided. Ensure all the stuffs that you might require in your bathroom are stored and organized properly in the drawers and cabinets. Avoid making a mess by stuffing them in a disorderly manner. This will only lend towards unwanted confusion.

  5. Clean the toilets - It is important to clean the toilets in a regular basis to ensure they look and remain clean throughout. Nobody wants toilets with stains or toilets that look dirty. That, in itself, is the biggest turn-off in any bathroom. Use a good toilet cleaner along with an easy to use brush to clean your toilets and have them smelling as good as fresh!

  6. Use air fresheners - Air fresheners are a very important necessity in any bathroom. They maintain the freshness of the air in your bathrooms and prevent them from smelling unpleasant or odd at any time of the day. Choose a fresh yet fragrant smelling air freshener from your bathroom to enhance the hygiene value. You can also make use of toilet fresheners to better the experience and quality of your bathrooms.

  7. Switch to liquid soaps - Liquid soaps are easier to use and create lesser chaos along the journey. Bar soaps are known to get dirty and grimy, turning the soap holders as well as your sinks unappealing over time too! It is advisable to use liquid soaps with a pump or a soap dispenser instead of the old-fashioned bar soaps.

  8. Wipe your shower walls everyday - Wiping your shower walls everyday after a shower will ensure no mould buildup on them. It will also make your walls look clean and new each time you walk in to take your next shower. Doing this on a daily basis will ease your job and free you from having to scrub the walls clean for hours every month.

These tips will definitely gift you an easier life, cleaning and maintaining your bathrooms as easy as a mere habit. However, if you still require professional assistance or need an expert to help you clean your bathrooms, send us a request here or click the button below.

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