Deep clean vs. Basic clean

Deep clean vs. Basic clean

One of the most popular questions we get at Smile Clean is the difference between a "Deep Clean" and a "Basic/Standard/Regular" cleaning.

A regular cleaning is what you would do on a weekly basis. It is designed to help you keep a level of cleanliness around your home. The regular cleaning will include?

Vacuming and mopping your floors

Tidying up the house

Cleaning the bathrooms - toilet, mirrors, sink, bathroom floors

Cleaning the kitchen - cleaning surfaces with disenfectant, outside of appliances and taking out the trash.

Normally for a one bedroom, one bathroom condo in Bangkok, this takes normally about 3 hours. Add more hours if you have a bigger condo or home. Also, we assign a single maid for smaller homes and sometimes 2 or more team members for larger homes.

A deep cleaning is the one where you've not cleaned your home for a long time, you've been away from Bangkok for a long time, or this is the first time you're ordering a cleaning service.

The deep clean will scrub away the dirt and grime in your house. It will do the things that just the regular cleaning service will not do. Here's an example of some of the things we will do:

Remove lime scale and soap scum from kitchen tiles, bathrooms, shower heads, shower glass doors.

Clean behind and under appliances such as refrigerator, fridge, ovens, microwaves and mashing machines.

Dust and clean baseboards, crown molding, and doors.

Clean the inside windows.

Clean patio doors and window frames.

Clean inside ovens and microwaves.

Light cleaning of inside refrigerator.

If things are truly a mess, if you've been away from home a long time, then the deep clean is for you, otherwise, ask us about the standard clean.

Whatever you ask for, Smile Clean is here to help, not judge. We'll clean up everything that you need - no complaints.

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