Easy roof maintenance tips for Bangkok citizens

Easy roof maintenance tips for Bangkok citizens

It is often said that, “The shelter of excuses has a leaky roof.” Roofs are an integral part of one’s home. Be it a beautiful mansion or a tiny cottage, that roof over your head is as essential as the other corners around. Apart from providing top-notch security, and protection from mother nature’s hazards, your roof also determines most of the appearance of your home. Knowing your roof is well-maintained and safe will give you a sound sleep at night followed by a smooth day.

A roof in good shape will protect you and your family against most odds. Be it the harsh sun rays, or the chilly winds. Be it the lovely snow or the frightening thunderstorms! Your roof will safeguard your home and keep you secure at all times. It is important to maintain these essential structures and keep them repaired and well-functioning to ensure they do their job right. As intimidating as it might sound, looking after your roofs is actually pretty simple. Giving them the right amount of love and care will have them treat you back the same!

Below are a few tips to help you maintain your roofs and have them last a lifetime. However, if you seem to face any issues or require a professional to assist you with your roofs, do send us a request here

  1. Clean debris off of your roofs on a regular basis - Do remember to clean your roofs every once in a while. Dust off all the leaves and other debris that you see around. This will ensure your roof serves its purpose as effectively as possible. If you find any moss or algae on your roofs, get rid off them as quickly as possible to reduce the damage that they might cause.

  2. Clean the gutters - The gutters in your roofs are an extremely important structure that help by directing the flow of water and other debris away from your home. Cleaning the gutters and keeping them free of any objects that could serve as an obstacle will ensure proper functioning, and hence, a well-maintained roof.

  3. Keep your attics well ventilated - Keeping your attics well-ventilated and airy will in-turn help keep your roofs in a great condition throughout the year. Ventilation is necessary to help your roof breathe well and not rot overtime due to the heat of the sun or the environmental moisture trapped within. Do ensure your attics aren’t leaky or have holes in them. Dripping water or daylight peaking through are an indication to repair or replace your roof shingles instantly!

  4. Check on your roof shingles - Roof shingles can see a range of wear and tear on a daily basis due to their extreme exposure to environmental factors. Check on your roof shingles periodically to ensure they’re doing just fine. Should you see or find any damaged shingles on your rooftop, get them fixed or replaced as soon as possible.

  5. Remember to trim overhanging branches - Overhanging branches can cause some serious damage to your roofs. Trim them on a regular basis and avoid having them lean on your roof for support. These branches can cause heavy impacts to the roof shingles, thereby damaging them to a huge extent.

  6. Keep your roofs insulated, if possible - Roof insulation is important to help save the amount of energy required to run the building. The roof insulation is nothing less than a protective blanket over your heads. Keep your roofs insulated to ensure that your roof is in a good condition. Insulation will also prevent the formation of ice dams that reduce moisture over time.

  7. Arrange regular roof inspections - Scheduling a roof inspection on a regular basis will help keep your roof in check at all times. Some jobs are better left to the professionals. Roof experts can help identify the problem in your roofing systems, thereby reducing damage and other casualties. Call up a roof inspector to assist you with the process and guide you further. You can also choose to call a professional Smile Clean roof inspector by clicking here! We’re always up for lending you a helping hand!

These tips and tricks will definitely come in handy while you take a look at your roofs. Maintaining your roofs will maintain your home! If you still face any issues or require a professional to take a look at your roofs and guide you with the same, or repair your damaged roof, do send us a request here or click the button below.

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