Easy tricks to clean and unclog dirty drains in Bangkok homes

Easy tricks to clean and unclog dirty drains in Bangkok homes

If you’ve come across this post, chances are that you’ve caught yourself up in quiet a nerve-wracking situation. Clogged sinks or blocked bathroom drains are no fun, especially when the water seems to be rising uncontrollably, on the verge of flooding your home sweet home.

Bathroom drains can be a total mess and often, a victim of drain blockage. These drains get clogged after days and days of hair, soap, scum, and other chemical buildup. These blockages lead to a gradual rise of water over your feet while you shower, followed by a strangely unpleasant odour. Sounds like an utter disaster, doesn’t it?
Clogged sinks in the bathrooms, or even in the kitchen can ruin your day. Imagine doing the dishes or washing your hands and having to deal with a sink full of dirty water afterwards. Not a lot of fun, is it? Be it the sinks or the drains, each of them are connected to a pipe that gets blocked due to the buildup of certain materials within them, and are the reason behind your headaches and clogged drains.

Below are a few tricks to help you clean and unclog your drains at home at easily as possible. However, if you still prefer to have an expert help you solve your drainage issue, feel free to call us or drop us a request at Smile Clean's drain unclogging service  

  1. Clean and clear out the hair and all the other debris manually - The quickest way to start fixing a clogged drain problem would be by clearing out all the materials that are visible to you. Start with all the food materials, grease, sponge pieces, or literally anything that you spot on your kitchen sink. Clear them out on the surface as much as possible before inspecting deeper. Similarly, get rid of the soap pieces, hair, scum and all that you spot on your bathroom sinks or drains before moving ahead.

  2. Boiling water - Boiling water is a cheap and effective solution to solving a drainage issue. Pouring an entire kettle of boiling water down your sink can help move the clog and clear your drain. This process might take some of your time and patience, however, it has been proven to work on many blockage! Pour the boiling water down your drains several times to clear out as much clogged debris as possible.

  3. Vinegar and baking soda - These two are known to be the most common items found in every home in Bangkok city. Not only do they help in cooking some of the most delicious dishes, but will also accompany you by solving your blocked drain issue! Pour down a cup of baking soda down your sinks and drains followed by an equal cup of vinegar. Let this bubbly fizzy solution sit for 10-15 minutes. Next, pour down some hot water to test for unclogging of the drain. You may have to repeat this process a few times before seeing your desired result.

  4. Plunger - A plunger is an efficient solution to solving a drainage issue in sink pipes. It is placed firmly around the sink or the drain that needs to be cleared. A tight seal is then created which gives rise to a suction phenomena when the plunger plunges several times. This suction causes the clog and blocks to clear. Test for clog clearance by pouring some warm water down the drain and flushing the nuisance away!

  5. Drain-cleaning snake - A drain-cleaning snake (auger) might work if the plunger didn’t. It is a pretty handy tool that can clear the clogs that are rooted deep down in your drainage system. However, using an auger could be pretty tricky and would require you to disassemble the drainpipe.

  6. Drain cleaner - Drain cleaners are available at your local hardware stores nearby and are used to effectively clear the drains that have been clogged very badly. While vinegar along with baking soda works as a drain cleaner to a certain extent, the store-bought drain cleaner have stronger chemicals that would help clear out worser clogs and blockage.

If none of these solutions work and you still face similar issues while feeling helpless and tired, feel free to reach out to us here or by clicking the button below, and our professionals will have your drains clean and cleared in no time! Our experts with many years of service and experience are available in and around the Bangkok area in just a moment's notice.

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