Effective AC maintenance tips to cool your Thailand summers

Effective AC maintenance tips to cool your Thailand summers

The Sun is scorching outside, making you feel like you’re gonna burn and perish right in your homes. The heat is so intense that the slightest of breeze feels nothing worse than a gush of hot steaming air. Bangkok, located close to the equator, is known for its super hot and humid climates throughout the year. Surviving through the Sun’s blazing heat can indeed be a challenge, especially if your AC isn’t doing its job right.

Aircons need to be maintained and serviced from time to time in order to increase their productivity and efficiency. Due to longer usages, especially in hotter regions, your aircons can turn defective or non-functional over time. It is important to keep it checked, cleaned, and maintained to provide you with the best version of comfort and happiness.

As much as it might seem like the Aircon is one of the most crucial devices that is better handled by a professional, there are a few easy and effective tricks to help you do the job yourself too! However, if you still wish to have an expert help you with your air conditioner, feel free to drop us a request here

Before you start with any of the tips provided below, do make sure that the power to the unit is completely turned OFF. This ensures your safety as you work around electricity and dangerous moving parts within the air conditioner.

  1. Remove any debris that you find - Over time, there will be a buildup of leaves, dirt and other debris on the outside of your air conditioner. These debris can decrease the effectiveness as well as the airflow of your aircon system. Remove them and clean the system using your hands or a dry vacuum to ease your day!

  2. Clean and straighten the coil fins - Clean the dirt on the outside of the fins using a powerful shop vacuum. The interiors of the fins can be cleaned using a gentle stream from your garden hose to remove any built-up or dirt inside. This ensures increased airflow and cooling. Straighten the bent fins carefully for better efficiency of the Aircon. Be very gentle as you do this to make sure you do not end up damaging the fins.

  3. Clean the coils - Your air conditioner consists of an evaporator and a condenser that needs to cleaned from time to time to ensure its effectiveness. With regular usage, it tends to collect dirt which in-turn reduces the airflow. You can use a soft brush to dust off the dirt from the coils and then proceed to use a no-rinse coil cleaner, that will be available at your local hardware stores.

  4. Clean or replace the filters - The air filters in your aircon play a major role in cooling your homes and need frequent attention to have them functioning properly. It is important to keep the air filters of your air conditioner clean and free from any dirt and debris. Replace them if necessary to improve the efficiency of your ACs.

  5. Keep an eye on the insulations - Damaged insulations on your outdoor AC lines are the main reasons for the sudden shoot-up in your electricity bills. Check on them every often and fix them if necessary. This ensures a reduction in your energy costs and also adds on to your home’s safety.

These simple tips can definitely help you with the scorching summers by pampering your air conditioners. Nonetheless, if you still seem to find any issues or require a professional to check upon your AC, send us a request here or click the button below. Remember, there’s nothing to fear when Smile Clean is here!

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