Effective tips and tricks to maintain your furniture in Bangkok city

Effective tips and tricks to maintain your furniture in Bangkok city

Furnitures are rather very important pieces of one’s surrounding atmosphere. Be it the warmth of your homes or the productivity around your office, having the right type of furniture by your side uplifts the overall aura of the room. Sofas, tables, chairs, shelves, cupboards, racks, and various other furniture items not only benefit by serving their purpose but also find their way into elevating the ambience and levelling up the interior decor.

Maintaining your furniture and keeping their shine can be a total bugger! Besides, who would enjoy rubbing old stubborn stains off the tables till their arms turn sore? Not to mention the scratch marks that add on to make them look even more unattractive and aged! It is important to pamper your furniture and keep an eye on them on a regular basis to have them last long. Paying the right amount of attention will also leave them looking as good as new, doing right by your homes or your offices!

Below are a few easy tips to help you preserve your furnitures and keep their shine intact! In any case should you require any further assistance or wish to have a professional help you repair or polish your furniture items, do send us a request here

  1. Dust them on a daily basis - Dusting your furnitures shouldn’t take long. Grab a soft rug, or a microfibre cloth and give your tables, chairs, sofas, shelves, etc.. a quick dusting session. This will ensure that there’s less accumulation of dirt and other debris, keeping up the furnishing’s original sparkle. Lambswool dusters are amazing for cleaning tinier spots or hard to reach places.

  2. Use trivets to place hot objects on your furnitures - Placing hot objects directly on the surfaces on the furniture, especially wooden, can cause some serious damage. Let alone the permanent marks, hot objects will decrease the life-expectancy of your furniture too! Make use of trivets or coasters to act as the barrier between the hot surface and the delicate surface of your furniture.

  3. Avoid exposing your furniture to the Sun rays - A furniture’s shine is known to fade on continuous expose to the harsh rays of the Sun. Keeping in mind the sunny climate of Thailand all throughout the year, it is important to follow this tip to help you preserve your furnitures. Wooden furniture are more likely to get damaged from prolonged exposure. Avoid the sun rays as much as possible.

  4. Make efficient use of table cloths - Table cloths are a great way to ensure the least damage done to the surface of your furniture. Covering your tables with table cloth will not only prevent them from getting stained but also protect them from the harsh rays of the Sun. You can also feel free to use sharp objects around the vicinity of your furniture with a table cloth on!

  5. Keep them clean and take necessary precautions - Don’t wait for the gravy to spill or the juice to find its way down on your couch! Instead, take the necessary precautions to avoid any spills or mishaps from directly coming in contact with your beautiful furniture. Should there be any accidents, clean it up immediately! Avoid being careless or waiting for long. This might worsen the problem and end up giving your furniture a dirty stubborn stain!

  6. Be mindful while moving the furnitures - Moving your furnitures from one place to another needs proper care and attention. Not being mindful and dragging them around will not just damage the furniture itself but also scratch your floors. Avoid the drags, pushes, or pulls and instead, practise lifting the furniture to move them around. Do ask for help if they’re too heavy or you’re unable to move them yourself, but NEVER haul them around!

  7. Consider painting or refinishing your furnitures - Sometimes, a little pampering, painting or refinishing can do the job best and give your furniture the look of a lifetime. Do not hesitate to call up a Smile Clean expert to assist you further with painting, polishing, or refinishing your furniture and restoring their beauty within a few minutes!

These tips and tricks will come in handy while taking care of the furnitures you own, anytime anywhere! Keeping them loved and taking good care of them will definitely have them love you back by lasting long and spreading positivity all around. If you still face any issues or require a professional to take a look at your furnitures and guide you with the same, send us a request here or click the button below.

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