The Handy guide to House & Condo Moving in Bangkok

The Handy guide to House & Condo Moving in Bangkok

The lease on your fancy high rise condo in Bangkok is up and you're looking to move to something new. It's still a couple weeks out before moving. And you're already stressed.

You're worried about getting back your deposit.

Don't mention packing.

Then there is finding the right moving company.

What about cleaning the condo as you move out?

And finally unpacking and organizing your new home. Perhaps you're leaving Bangkok entirely and need to ship your stuff overseas -- to a difference province, or just get rid of it, since it just represents junk.

Here's our handy-dandy guide to moving

Getting back your deposit.

Here at Smile Clean we've heard of a lot of stories where people just like you did not get back deposits because of very small transgressions or slight problems during your time in your residence. The key to getting back your deposit is to making sure that you fix any small problems and leave the condo sparkling clean. You should also have taken some photos before you moved in (normally included in Bangkok lease agreements). In most cases the cost of doing minor repairs would be a fraction of your monthly rent -- and goes a long way to getting back those 2 months of deposit to apply to your new home.


Since most rented condos and homes in Bangkok already come with furniture and appliances, your move will mostly be personal possessions. You can buy some boxes at your local Big C, or order them on Lazada or Shoppee a few weeks before your move. Figure out what you have so you can have an idea of how many boxes to order. Splurge and order a couple extra boxes. It's best to have a couple of extra boxes than be short just one. Also, big deal, don't get boxes that are too big and thus hard to move and life. Pack logically -- kitchen stuff, bedroom stuff, linen should be in their own boxes.

Moving Companies

Bangkok has a lot of moving companies. Go with one of those bigger ones with a good reputation and great logistics. Make sure the moving company comes with the people to help you lift your stuff both into and out of the truck. The bigger ones will also generally have some kind of insurance too. Some moving companies will even pack for you too!

Move-out Cleaning

Finally, when everything is packed and transported to the new condo, make sure to return and clean the apartment then take detailed photos before you hand over the keys to the owners or the juristic office. Send the photos to the owner or agent so they know whats up and you are all good. Also get some kind of agreement as to when you will get back your deposit from the owner or agent.

Organizing your New Home

If you're like many people, moving in a new home is always exciting. But what about unpacking and organizing it to make it beautiful? Who will get rid of all the boxes and moving stuff? What about setting up your kitchen? Unpacking your linens and clothing? Getting everything right in your bathroom. It's the last step and the one that most people do not do -- hence the half opened carton boxes months after you've moved.

So there you have it. All done.

Or you could just call Smile Clean.

We can make any repairs, pack your stuff at your direction, move it to your new home, clean and unpack in your new home, clean your old home and make sure everthing is perfect.

We've shipped stuff all over bangkok and around the world on behalf of our customers. Give us a call at 0622828209.

Make your move easy and stress free.

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