Remove hard water spots on glass shower doors and windows - Bangkok

Hard water stains or spots on shower doors make your perfect bathroom look pretty bad.

At Smile Clean we get a lot of inspiration from Youtube on how to clean the stains on glass. This video is a great resource and it works pretty well. What you need to have?

Dish or laundry soap + Vinegar in equal amounts. Dont mix water in it at all.

Use a 3M sponge or rag to wipe down the inside window of the shower very generously making sure to cover it nice and thick.

Next step? Wait. 30 Minutes if just about right. Set a timer to be accurate.


Vinegar can be very caustic, make sure it does not get on wood or plastic surfaces in the cleaning area as it can leave a permanent mark. We learned this the hard way!

Finally, use water and a clean rag to generously scrub off the vinegar and soap. You should have perfectly clean glass.

The same technique can work on the shiny fixtures in your bathroom too to get them spotless.

We use it quite often to amazing results.

Good luck! 

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