Simple tips to keep the rooms in your homes clean throughout your busy year in Bangkok

Simple tips to keep the rooms in your homes clean throughout your busy year in Bangkok

Clothes all over the floor, paperworks all over the desk, shoes in every corner of your bedroom, and is that last night’s pizza box on your bed? Sounds like a complete disaster, doesn’t it? You’re not alone. People all over the world face such issues and almost have a nervous breakdown as they try and differentiate  the heap of dirty laundry on the floor from the clean ones!

Your rooms, indeed, can turn into an utter mess if not cleaned on a daily basis. They’ll have all your clutters and pending disappointments piling up day after day. Be it your bedroom, or even the little storage room, keeping it neat and tidy should be your responsibility. As hectic as cleaning and tidying might sound to you, it actually takes up nothing less than just a few minutes to set things on the right track. The small changes that you make in your daily habits can make things far easier to organize yourselves and move about “neatly” in your present lives.

Below are a few tips and tricks to help you clean the mess and start fresh every single day. Should you still face any problem or prefer to have an expert clean and tidy your home for you, give us a call or send us a request here - 

  1. Start the day by making up your bed - Make it a habit to not leave your bedroom without tidying and making your bed. It’ll take you a few minutes, and with practise, a few seconds! As lame and ineffective as it might sound, you’ll be surprised knowing that this tiny step will welcome you back to the comfort of your home sweet home each day. Coming back home to a neatly made bed will uplift the inviting vibe of your bedroom giving you one of the best feelings ever. Don’t believe us? Try it yourselves!

  2. No shoes beyond the shoe rack - Make note of this rule and follow it in your day-to-day life. Always ensure to leave your shoes by the shoe-rack and change into your home slippers once you reach home. No matter how tired you are, do NOT walk straight to bed with your shoes on. It takes less than a minute to remove your footwear and put them back in its place. Be consistent and mindful about your shoes and soon enough, you’ll develop a great habit, noticing a subtle change in your lifestyle.

  3. Avoid bringing food into your bedroom - As comfortable as it sounds to have a a delicious pizza snuggled up in your bed and in the softness of your blanket while you watch your favourite shows on Netflix, it isn’t very ideal. Make it a habit to eat your meals in the dining area only. This way, you will be ensuring no additional work in trying to keep your room clean. If you want to munch on snacks, remember to dispose the wrappers in the dustbin and dust off any food particles from your bedsheets.

  4. Dirty clothes should go into the laundry bag - One of the most simple ways to keep your rooms clean is by separating the dirty laundry from your clean clothes. Every-time you change into a fresh pair of outfit, toss in the dirty clothes that need to be washed into your laundry bag. Avoid making a pile or heap of unwashed clothes in the corner of your bedroom. Keeping your dirty clothes away from your fresh clothes will help in easy giving of the laundry and maintaining a hygienic bedroom environment.

  5. Make use of storage containers to store and organize things - Storage containers and boxes are an excellent way to store and organize your things in a neatly arranged manner. It will help you by saving your previous time as you shuffle your way through your makeup brushes, hair clips, jewelleries or even your scrunchies! Making use of storage containers and keeping them away in your cupboards, after use, are an efficient way to maintain your daily schedules as effortlessly as possible. Make this a habit and watch your lives take a turn for the better!

  6. Always tidy your desk after use - Tidying up your desk after use and keeping away all that’s spread over the table back to where they really belong is a great way to get started on keeping your rooms cleaned. Procrastinating the “putting away” part for later will always get the best of your laziness adding to the mess that’s already there. Make it a routine and you’ll soon realise that this habit will eventually help you become responsible and careful about your things. You’ll see a massive change in the way your desk looks, in a good way of-course, and this in-turn will help relax your mind after a tired day.

  7. Organize paperworks in separate files - Keeping your paperworks nearly organized in separate folders and storing them in your shelves for later use will guarantee no mess-ups in submitting your projects, assignments or any paper-related work. This will help you maintain punctuality and efficiency in going about in your work life as well as your personal life.

  8. Use paper bins and empty them from time to time - Make use of paper bins or tiny dustbins next to your desk to dispose any unwanted items in your room. Make a timely note to help remind you to empty the bins before they start flooding and creating a bigger mess. Use these bins for dry waste only to avoid any further nuisance. Things like food items and other wet wastes might start creating other unwanted issues like bad odours and rotting, which might offer a hygiene-friendly and welcoming atmosphere to your bedroom.

  9. Fold your clothes or make use of cloth hangers - Make it a daily habit to fold your clothes and neatly arrange them in the shelves in your cupboards. To make things swifter, you can also also hang your clothes on the racks using a cloth hanger. Avoid tossing or dumping your clothes straight into the cupboard. Folding them ensures no creases on them and will also make you aware of what is put where. This way, you wouldn’t have to spend much time digging through a pile of clothes that’s dumped into your cupboards while you cross your fingers hoping to find your favourite pair of jeans!

  10. Sweep and dust your room on a regular basis - Sweeping your rooms on a regular basis will help clean your room keeping it free of any dust or dirt particles. Make it a proper habit to sweep and dust your room twice a week. In-case you don’t have much time, sweep your room once every Sunday morning. This guarantees a clean and dust-free aura to add on to your comforting and inviting bedroom.

These easy yet effective tips will definitely help you clean and maintain your bedroom throughout the year. If you’re still not able to make any progress and need immediate help in cleaning your room, do reach out to us here or click the button below, and our team of experts will be there to save the day!

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