Simple tips to keep your windows clean inside out in Bangkok

Simple tips to keep your windows clean inside out in Bangkok

Windows play a very integral part of your home, not just in providing protection but also in terms of appearances. Your windows determine the overall safety from the sun, the rain, and even the smallest of thefts, within the boundaries of your home sweet home.

It is important to keep your windows clean and working well to help them stay true to their functionalities. Protecting your windows against the odds of nature and pampering them once in a while will definitely help you in return by maintaining your safety and giving your house a wonderful appeal inside out.

Below are a few tricks to keep your windows clean and provide you with the finest outlooks throughout the year. Be it the scorching rays during Bangkok summers, or the humid rains drenching you every evening, these tips will help you battle against the mightiest of odds in ease and tranquility.

However, if you still require any further assistance or wish to have a professional help you clean or fix your windows, send us a request here

  1. Prevent dirtying or staining your windows from the inside - It is necessary to keep the oils and films off of your windows to have them remain clean and crystal clear for longer periods of time. This would help by preventing your windows from getting stained due to layers and layers of dirt and grease. Any time should you wish to burn candles at home, do remember to ensure that they are burnt away from your windows. Burning candles near a window will form a thin film on the glass, steering it away from being clean.

  2. Use the right cleaning tools - Avoid using paper towels, tissues, or newspapers to clean your windows. These may cause additional damage which might require additional cleaning too! Instead of paper items, make use of soft towels, or sponges to clean your windows. They are easier to use and are also less abrasive to your windows, making them the perfect window-cleaning tool.

  3. Make use of cold water - Using cold water along with the necessary cleaning agent to clean your windows is an excellent method to go about. Cold water ensures that the process evaporation on your windows is slowed down, preventing any further stains or streaks on them.

  4. Dust your window sills regularly - Dusting your window sills n a regular basis ensures that they remain clean and free of any dust of debris. Be it on the inside, or the outside, it is important to clean and dust them for maintaining its sturdy support to the glass in the windows.

  5. For effective results, use a squeegee - To ensure a pristine look to your windows, try using a squeegee. It is a very easy tool to use and gives effective results too! Use a dry squeegee to wipe down your windows after spraying them with a soapy solution, or you cleaning agent.

These tips will definitely help you keep your windows cleaned and maintain their crystal look throughout their lifetime. However, if you still face any problems or need help of a professional to clean, maintain, or repair your windows, send us a request here or click the button below.

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