Tips and tricks to have a clean house with pets in Bangkok

Tips and tricks to have a clean house with pets in Bangkok

Having a tidy house that is spick and span free of any odd smells, especially when you have pets around, sounds impossible doesn’t it? There’s fur on your sofas, muddy footprints all over the floor, scratch marks on your furnitures, and stains all over the cabinets. Seems nothing less than a disaster!

As tiring as it might sound to you, it is actually pretty easy to keep your home clean and tidy even when you’re around your furry friends! Training your pets to adopt some clean habits will also make your work easier.

Below are a few tips and tricks that can help you maintain a clean house even when you own pets. However, if you still find things to be getting out of hand or you’re in urgent need of any further assistance, do not hesitate to drop us a request here

  1. Think twice before you shop for your pets - Keep in mind of what is required and what isn’t before you proceed to buy anything for your pets. Do NOT get lured by any fancy dog beds or other items that will be a headache to clean and dry. Instead, settle for an easy-to-clean/wipe dog bed for a lesser maintenance option.

  2. Clean your pet’s stuffs on a regular basis - Be consistent in cleaning all the things that your pet may use on a regular basis. This ensures their safety and hygiene as well as guarantees a dirt and germ-free environment to both the pets and their owners. Toys, beds, or anything that comes in contact with your pets need to be washed and dried to avoid any case of bad smells.

  3. Wash your pet’s paws to avoid muddy footprints - Rains play a major role in an ordinary life in Bangkok city. These rains contribute to the muddy roads and grounds in and around your neighbourhood. You need to keep a strict eye on your pets and their whereabouts, especially on these rainy days to avoid any stains or dirt on your floor. Make sure to clean and dry their paws well before they enter the house.

  4. Make use of a vacuum cleaner - A vacuum cleaner is one of the simplest device to help you clean your home, free of all the dirt, debris, as well as the pet fur within a few seconds! Consider buying a strong vacuum cleaner to help clean your couch, floors, rugs, etc. in and around your house THOROUGHLY. This will ensure less shedding and dirt around your home sweet home.

  5. Trim their nails - You need to consider trimming your pet’s nails very often if you’ve been noticing scratch marks on your floors, sofas, and other furnitures. Giving them a pedicure once in a while not only ensures lesser damage and marks around your house but also keeps their nails free of any dirt and germs.

  6. Always keep a stain-remover by your side - Having an emergency stain-remover around you will always come in handy. This makes it easy to deal with any odours or stains caused by your pets in and around your house. You can also make your very own pet-cleaning agent using water, vinegar and dishwashing soap to help with any stains on floors, walls, etc.

  7. Make good use of doormats and rugs - Doormats and rugs are a great way to help clean your pet’s tiny paws making them free of dust and debris. There are times when you might not feel the need to wash their paws. These are the times when those rugs and doormats will come in handy by catching in the necessary dirt and germs off of your pet’s feet, saving you a lot of extra work.

  8. Keep your pets clean - Bathe your pets on a regular basis and use the right shampoos. Be mindful and set up a routine for washing your pets. Brush them often to ensure that they shed less often. Brushing also helps your pets improve circulation within their body, adding on to their healths and your welfare.

These tips and tricks can definitely come in handy for those pet owners who look forward to keeping their home clean and smelling fresh. Should you still have any issues or require any additional help, send us a request here or click the button below. Smile Clean looks forwards to lending you a helping hand anytime, anywhere!

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