Typical house pests in Bangkok for foreigners

Typical house pests in Bangkok for foreigners

House pests are seen in every part of the world, but are you curious on what house pests are there in Thailand. Here's of house pests in Thailand for you so that you can prepare yourself.

  1. Termites- These pests are of the common house pests you might come across it's unbelievable that they're one of the pests in Bangkok but be sure to keep your wooden goods safe.
  2. Cockroaches- They are almost everywhere if you see one at your place be sure to contact someone to look after it for you because the place could be severely infested.
  3. Ants- They are seen everywhere so be sure to not drop any bits of your food or you will see ants raiding in no time.
  4. Rats- You will most likely see them on the road sides or near garbage, stay away from it because it's known to carry a lot of diseases.
  5. Mice- The same goes to the mice they are also see around the same areas as rats, they are also known to spread diseases.
  6. Mosquitoes- They're everywhere at night be sure to carry a mosquito repellent with you at night.
  7. Fleas and ticks- They are common near cats and dogs.
  8. Bed bugs- Unlike their name they are also seen in other areas, they feed on blood.
  9. Flies- They are all over the place so keep your place clean as they can carry bacteria with them.
  10. Spiders- There are deadly spiders in Bangkok even though they help us get rid of other pests be sure to stay away from them.

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