10 ways a dirty Air Conditioner can affect your life

10 ways a dirty Air Conditioner can affect your life

The Earth is getting warmer every day, so an Air Conditioner or what we call AC is one of the most important electrical appliances in your home especially in a tropical country. In Thailand almost everywhere has an air conditioner without it is almost unliveable but an Air Conditioner can be bad for your life too if you don't take care of it. A dirty Air Conditioner can cause a bad affect more than you think and here is how a dirty Air Conditioner affects your life!

1.Respiratory Disease

Infection, smoking cigarettes, and all forms of air pollution can cause respiratory disease but who knows that dirty air conditioners can cause respiratory disease too! If you leave your AC dirty for a long time is gonna cause your lungs and other parts of the respiratory system to work hard and one day it's gonna be a serious disease.


2.Respiratory allergies

nose irritants, coughing, sneezing if you have all those health issues you probably be respiratory allergies. This kind of allergies can happen to everyone depends on their genetics and environment. What generally causes allergies is smoke, animal hairs, pollen, cockroach, and mite dust which can be found in your air conditioner filter, so we should clean an AC filter every 3 months.


3.Skin allergies

Cleaning your dusty air-con is extremely important when you have sensitive skin even non-sensitive skin can get irritated and contaminated which can leads to rashes and even open sores/lesions by the tiny particles of air pollution that can and will be blown on to you via the AC unit if the filtering system is left to become choked with outside air pollution, this is also a particular concern for our respiratory system as the lungs are our bodies air filter and if the air we breath is filled with these tiny air pollutants this can lead to chronic breathing difficulties and potentially major health issues, so it is important to regularly clean and service your AC unit so that you remain healthy both inside and out.

The dust from the air-con can also cause a lot of trouble especially for the airflow of your air-con unit affecting the unit’s performance, even causing the unit to not work properly and prevent the nice cooling air that is so necessary in our hot and at times humid environment.


4.Burning eyes

The burning eye sensation can be caused by many factors, ranging from health reasons. Keeping your cleanliness to external factors such as pollen, exposure to chemical irritants, looking at a computer screen or phone for too long, the most common thing is the stinging of dust. Especially in cases with allergies When symptoms relapse, eyes may rarely open up. Therefore, you should always take care and keep your home clean, especially the air conditioner that may be a dust accumulator which can cause stinging.


5.Sleep Deprivation

Rest is an important factor in living. Adequate rest brings many advantages in both physical and mental health, which leads to a better quality of life. Sleep is like the beginning of success. But if you ever wake up and feel drowsy, not refreshed, as if not getting enough rest, despite the fact that you sleep about 6-8 hours which is adequate rest for adults. Maybe it's because the air in your room is not clean. Not washing the air conditioner for an extended period of time will cause the air in your room to fill with tiny dust particles that will cause your respiratory system to not work as well, which disrupts your sleep. Makes you rest inefficiently, it is the cause of that slack.



Your baby is like a tree that is growing up. It depends on how you take care of them. How you water and fertilize them. In the same way as trees, our bodies need a good quality environment, especially the air we breathe in all the time. If the air that we breathe is not clean, it will cause various diseases and illnesses. Leaving your child in a room that has bad air is like indirectly harming them. So try to keep the house clean and don't forget to wash your air conditioner regularly.



Asthma is a common inherited symptom. But sometimes it is caused by environmental stimulation such as Excessive exercise, cold weather, stress, or dust exposure. A dirty air conditioner can cause an asthma attack because a dirty air conditioner will cause poor ventilation in your home and lead to dust accumulation in your home.



If I tell you a dirty air conditioner can be fatal. Do you gonna believe that? Who would have thought just a dirty air conditioner can cause you to death? Yeah, we seriously mean that dirty AC creates air pollution in your home. Imagine your lung get bad air every day how is your lung gonna be? I don't think your lung gonna be good huh. Pneumonia is an infection that happens with the air sacs in your lungs.


9.Your Companions

9. If you love your pets a lot, It’s probably seeing your pet take their place in the house. Remember that your pet is also a living creature. Therefore, their health problems are similar to us human beings. But even worse, with a size that is much smaller than a human being. Their internal organs are so small, as with diseases, they get diseases easier than us human beings. Especially with small dogs, such as the Pomeranian, Pug, or Chihuahua who easily get a respiratory problem. A dirty air conditioner can make your little friend get sick.


10.Waste of money

Dirty air conditioners are often clogged in many places, especially the filters of the air conditioner. The more ventilation system, the harder it will be to work. In addition, dust and other dirt will collect on the compressor air blades. This will make AC use even more energy as well The harder the air conditioner has to work, the higher the temperature of the air conditioner itself. The higher the temperature of the air conditioner, the more energy consumed. As I explained above if you let your air conditioner dirty, It will consume more energy, and the more energy it uses, the more you pay for it. Therefore, paying for an air conditioner can save you a lot of money in your pocket!



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