Simple tips to assemble furnitures yourselves at Bangkok homes

Simple tips to assemble furnitures yourselves at Bangkok homes

Screws and bolts followed by lines and lines of an incomprehensible manual! A total wreck, isn’t it? It wouldn’t even come as a surprise if you were to give up midway and have second thoughts of choosing to do this all by yourself! Furnitures can be a total chaos, and assembling them without screwing up is more like a dream come true. As difficult as it might sound to you, they’re actually pretty simple and effortless if done the right way. Despite being one of the most fragile and delicate objects, furnitures and their assembly can actually be fun! Not to mention the sense of accomplishment you’d feel after getting ‘em done yourselves!

It is essential to learn the basics of furniture assembly to help ease your lives on a greater extent. You wouldn’t always wanna remain dependent on someone else, would you? A few simple techniques and tricks can definitely help you learn and eventually, master the art of furniture assembly. Yes, you read that right! You can actually put those pieces onto their place, tighten them with the right screws, and have them look exactly like they’re supposed to without straining your heads!

Below are a few simple and effective tips to help you while you assemble your furnitures. Keep them in mind and watch your life take a turn for the better. If you still face any issues, require any sort of assistance or wish to have a professional help you assemble your furnitures, do send us a request here

  1. Space out - It is important to make enough space before starting out. Make the right space for the furniture by considering its dimensions. Lay out all the furniture pieces and organize them according to the role they might play by taking a thorough look at the instruction manual. Spacing them out will give you a clearer insight on what to do and the steps that follow.

  2. Put together the right tools - The basic tools that you’d require will be provided in the assembly box. However, sometimes you might feel the need of other tools to ease out the process. Gather the right tools and put them in a tool box next to the pieces you laid out, to come in handy while you work. Hammer, wrench, screwdrivers, etc. are some of the basic tools that one will require while assembling their furnitures.

  3. Follow the instruction manual step-by-step - Read the manual carefully and follow the steps line by line. Avoid skipping any steps and strictly adhere to the guidelines to help keep things in place. The manual is always made keeping the consumer’s viewpoint in mind. Following them step-by-step will definitely ease things out for you and make your work simpler, faster, and super fun!

  4. Double-check - Make a good habit of double-checking after every other step. This will help you rectify any issues or even the tiniest of mistakes that could end up becoming a bigger problem towards the end. Always check twice and pay a good amount of attention to the instruction manual. You wouldn’t wanna redo the entire process from step one all over again, would you?

  5. Keep your calm Patience - is indeed the key to success. Keep your calm and don’t let the assembling get to your nerves. Relax and take breaks before moving ahead. You need to have a cool mind so as to put in the right amount of focus. Be patient and avoid rushing through the procedure.

  6. Take help of diy videos online - You can always take help from videos available online or ask anyone around you for further assistance. Do not hesitate to ask for help! Watching videos can give you a better idea of how exactly to proceed ahead. You can always ask for a Smile Clean expert to help you out too!

These tips are likely to help you along your furniture assembling journey and make your lives easier and better! Furnitures must have a personality as well as be beautiful. Assembling them with your own hands will have them reflect your persona and brighten your atmosphere. If you still face any issues or require a professional to take a look at the mess you’ve made or assemble your furniture for you, do send us a request here or click the button below.


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