Smile Clean Co., Ltd.

Is your Aircon letting you down?


A few months ago it was a bit chilly in Bangkok.

Blankets and heaters were going off the shelves. But for us in Thailand, we know the drill. It would get hot again soon.

Not just the wall units, but the ceiling units too...

And yes, we never forget the outside parts.

And it has, and did.

So, was your Aircon unit up to the task?

It is smelly?

Is it just not as effective as before?

We have some awesome guys that can come and get it sorted out as early as today.

Be cool, like us.

Call us to handle your wall units, ceiling units, or any other kind of Aircon units. 

We can move it. Fix it. Clean it and service it.

Sawadee Ka!
Voraporn "P".

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